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So do we have really have to do the khaki and white thing? What to wear for a Destin beach photo sho

Yeah, you're counting down the days to escaping reality and heading to the Emerald Coast. Oh, I know so well. So well in fact, we (okay probably more I) made the decision while on vacation in 2013 that the moment we hit D/FW, we were packing up the belongings and moving to this wonderland. Maybe you're not that fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type girl (or guy for that matter). But you are so stoked about your trip and want to make sure that this time you get the pictures. I mean everybody does the beach pictures while they're here, right?

My suggestion is, first and foremost…BE COMFORTABLE. Think casual…bare feet. You need to be able to move freely and not be overly self-conscious. We’ll all be kneeling, squatting, sitting, and, heck, maybe even jumping on the beach (real short shorts or skirts and high maintenance necklines which might show unwanted undergarments are probably not a good idea). And..since it IS a beach, it could be windy so unruly ruffles or collars or real “flowy” clothes could be a problem. And yeah, odds are pretty good your hair is gonna blow. It's okay. You're here to relax....remember?!?

We’ve got a few color schemes to give you an idea if you’re drawing a blank. Just remember to wear something that resembles your personalities and that’s comfy.

  • Rich coral colors or soft pastels really shine for beach shoots...and what a way to show off that tan. Another little PSA--DON'T forget the sunscreen. These beaches reflect the sun making even the diehard tanners turn pink..and quick. Plus second degree burns are never a good look.

  • Choosing solids over patterns is good when there are larger groups or older kids with age gaps. This helps the smaller children stand out in the group shots of everyone. These can be primary colors, complimentary colors, pastels, or neutrals

  • Classic're at the beach, it's ok

  • Bohemian beach style..embrace your surroundings and just, well, namaste

  • Last, but certainly not least - the traditional khaki/ white ensemble.Don’t be afraid to mix it up with a khaki dress or white linen shorts so everyone doesn’t look all matchy-matchy. Unless, of course, that's your thing. Then, by all means, just do it. Don't forget'll be on the sugar (read: white) beaches of the Emerald Coast.

Of course, these are merely suggestions. Just be true to your style and most of all....HAVE FUN!!

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